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Super Power Turbo Fan

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Super Power Turbo Fan

【 Electric Air Duster】The air duster has a maximum speed of 130000 RPM motor and 180 Gram wind pressure, delivering strong performance with a peak wind speed exceeding 52 m/s (Super Typhoon≥51.0 m/s). Can easily clear the dirt hidden in various gaps on the keyboard or any electronic device, making it extremely convenient to use in the home, office, or car.

【Turbo Electric Air Duster】3 gear adjustable airflow settings, allow you to customize the airflow for different cleaning needs. Provides efficient cleaning. built-in large-capacity battery is equipped with temperature protection, current protection, and short circuit protection. And support 10W Fast Charging。

【High Material】The cordless air duster, made of high-hardness and high-temperature-resistant materials with perfect texture, strong explosive power, and low heat generation, is easy to carry, lightweight, and comfortable to grip. Ensuring a More Convenient And Long-Lasting User Experience.

Hurricane Super Power Turbo fan Wind speed: 52 m/s, 130,000 RPM, Violent Fan Powerful Blower with High-Speed Duct Fan, Mini Blower Turbo Violent Fan

  • 130,000 RPM, Wind speed 52 m/s--Powerful Performance with Peak Wind Speed: This mini turbo fan features a sleek design and a well-structured build, delivering strong performance with a peak wind speed exceeding 52 m/s.
  • Hurricane Violent Fan, Silent Operation with Strong Airflow: Built with large-sized blades precision-machined using CNC technology, this turbo-violent fan operates silently while providing a robust airflow. Enjoy a refreshing breeze without disturbing noise.
  • Battery capacity: 3000mAh, Long-lasting Battery Life: The small turbojet fan comes with two built-in 21700 power batteries, each with a capacity of 3000mAh. With excellent endurance, it can be used for 4 hours in level 1
  • High Performance and Heat Management: Featuring a 30A electronic speed controller, this powerful blower efficiently manages heat while delivering a maximum power of 150W. Experience outstanding performance without compromising safety or comfort.

  • Brushless Mini Powerful Blower, Convenient and Portable Pocket Fan: With its mini size and portability, this pocket dust blower is practical for on-the-go use. The fan allows infinitely adjustable speeds, slow-middle-high, providing customization for any desired airflow.



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