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POPDEER™ - E Pro Multifunctional Four-in-One Car Wireless Air Pump, Washer Gun, Vacuum Cleaner, Wireless Charger

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Multi-functional: This device combines four functions in one, including a cordless inflatable pump, a car wash gun, a vacuum cleaner, and a cordless power bank charger.

The cordless Car Washing machine is small in size, high water pressure, convenient, and batch cleaning equipment.

1. Although small in size, it can have great water pressure. The cleaning gun is equipped with 0-degree and 40-degree water nozzles to meet different cleaning needs.
2. Its convenience is also that it is easy to get water. It can be connected to a special water pipe and get water through various methods such as buckets, mineral water bottles, and tap water. In addition to daily car washing, it can also meet various cleaning needs in life, such as cleaning balconies and roads through high water pressure, or watering gardens and vegetable fields.

Car Wash Gun Specification:

Current: About 200-240L/H
DC: DC-5525-12V
Stress: 200Psi
Material: ABS+Aluminum+Stainless Steel+Copper
Motor: All Copper Motor
Water Type: 6 Water Shapes
Voltage: 12V
Contact Voltage: 12V
Distance: 6-8M
Power Supply: Power Bank/Cigarette Lighter
Water Pump: High-Pressure Plunger Pump
Motor Power: 130W
Battery Life: Power100(About 25 minutes),Power Bank 152B(About 35 Minutes)
Product Size: Approximately 400mm x 180mm x 87mm
Weight: About 950g(No Power Bank)
(Please note: When using the car wash water gun, do not point it at people)


The Vacuum Cleaner is a multifunctional product with a small body but great suction power. Excellent internal air duct design, all-aluminum impeller, a high-speed and stable motor, and the filter in the dust cover adopt a double-layer filter element design. The outer metal mesh and inner high-volume filter better separate debris and filter air, and are easier to clean.


The Tire Air Pump is a cordless, convenient, small-sized, and high-inflation-efficiency air pump.

The tire air pump is powered via a rotating connection from a mobile power source, thus not relying on traditional stationary power sources. Therefore, it can meet more application scenarios in life.

1. The value of the air pump is displayed on the digital display. The required tire pressure value can be preset, and when the air pump reaches the set tire pressure value, it will automatically stop inflating.
2. Designed four inflatable modes for cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and balls. Each mode has set universal values and can be inflated directly.
3. There is also a lighting light on the top of the air pump to facilitate users to provide lighting when inflating at night.


Tire Inflator Pump Specification:

Type: Cordless
Size: 145mmx145mmx75mm
Motor Power: 120W(Max)
DC: DC-5525-12V
Voltage: 12V
Illumination lamp: Yes
Cylinder block: Metal Cylinder Block
Air Output: 38L/Min
Temperature Protection: 120 Degrees
Adapter: Standard 5 Adapters
Battery Life: Power Bank 100 (25min,about 2-3 Tires),Power Bank 152B(35min,about 4-6 Tires)
Unit Defaults: 2.5 Bar for Cars,2.4Bar for Motorcycle,45Psi for Bicycles,8Psi for Basketball
The Tire Pressure is Set To Stop When It Is Full According To The Setting


Vacuum Cleaner Specification:

Vacuum Degree: 11Kpa/19Kpa
Motor Power: 70W/120W
Gear Position: Two Gear
Input Voltage: 12V
DC Input: 12V
Dust Capacity: 100ML
Rosebox: Stainless Steel Filter+HEPA Filter Element
Battery Life: 152B(11Kpa=55min,19Kpa=35min)
Product Size: Diameter 66mm x Height 280mm
Weight: About 239g


The Power Bank is a product that can provide electric energy for various devices. The body is equipped with Type-C, USB, DC, wireless charging, metal contacts, and other input and output interfaces. It can output 5-12V voltage, 1A-10A wide current, and USB output can supply power for various digital products.

Power Bank Specification:

Battery Capacity: 15000mAh
Cordless Charging: 15W
Battery Warning: Yes
DC Socket OutputL Maximum Support 12V/10A
USB Output: 5V/3.0A,9V/2A
Wire Configuration: Type C Universal Data Cable(5A)
Charging Mode: Type C(Universal Interface)
Battery Type: 18650
Product Weight: About 385g
Product Size: Diameter 65.5mm x Height 95mm

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