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BAYU™ All in 1 |Power Bank 19200mah,Tire Inflator ,Vacuum Cleaner, Car Washer, Flashlight, Mobile Phone Stents

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A set of products that meet various needs such as car washing, vacuum cleaning, inflation, lighting, and charging.
In modular design, all products share one power bank, eliminating the need to charge each product separately,
Powerful product performance, compact size, and dedicated storage bag, which better saves the interior space of the car.
【POWER BANK】has a 19200mAH super large capacity power battery with strong battery life. Equipped with a 22.5W output power USB interface, 15W wireless charging, Type-C input, DC-12V output power supply, and other functions.
【CAR WASHER】machine is compact, with a strong water pressure of 200PSI and a 40-minute battery life. It is equipped with a 5-meter water pipe, six types of multifunctional nozzles, and a 10L water bag to meet different cleaning needs. In addition to daily car washing, it can also meet various cleaning requirements, such as high-pressure cleaning of balconies and roads, or watering gardens and vegetable fields.
【VACCUM CLEANER】has an ultra-strong vacuum of 19000pa and an ultra-long endurance of 60 minutes. The dust cover filter adopts a double-layer filter design, which can better separate debris and filter air. The filter can be repeatedly washed and used.
【TIRE INFLATOR】has a maximum pressure of 150PSI and an ultra-long endurance, which can inflate the tires of large off-road vehicles and pickup trucks. It has high-precision tire pressure sensors and can set tire pressure arbitrarily. When the air pump reaches the set pressure value, it
The inflation will automatically stop. Having 4 modes including cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and ball games。
【GLARE FLASHLIGHT】has an ultra-high brightness of 1600Lm, a large aperture, and a larger illumination area. The upper part of the body can be telescoped and continuously focused, with a maximum illumination distance of 400. It has high brightness, medium brightness, low brightness, flash, and SOS options
5 lighting modes, combined with lampshades, can be used as camping lights. There is an English 1/4 expansion interface on the body, which can be assembled into bicycle lights, fishing lights, camping lights, photography lights, etc.


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